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"YOUR" space journey(Let's travel to your universe)

With the motto "Creating value through play"

"Eliminating what can't be done and realizing ideas"

DAO has two missions. ​

Founded in 2022, as of January 20247000 people.

Eliminating the border between the real world and the metaverse,

We will create a world where you can't stop being excited.

We will realize free ideas one after another.


MKD's 1st Collective NFT Collection.
The design theme is a boy who symbolizes "freedom" and "childhood."
The head is actually a ghost.
You are free to leave your body and go wherever you want.
It represents freedom from control and free thinking.

It is a symbol of MKD's mind that is not bound by fixed ideas.

It was launched in November 2022, and 2,222 units were sold out immediately.


MKD's 2nd Collective NFT Collection.

Fables, which means "fable," is a rival to MetaKozo.

With the characterThe design motif is a mythical creature.

Launched in May 2023, 3,456 units were sold out immediately.



(Ja)MetaKozo 2024Roadmap.png



MetaKozo's dream is

"Traveling to the moon, peeing, and coming back."

And MKD's ultimate goal is

“While watching that video, toast with holders from all over the world.”


The process of making a seemingly laughable goal come true with all your might,

Great value is created that can only be found there.

MKD's policy is to remain free and not set serious goals.


“YOUR” Space Journey

I want you to enjoy it.

MKD will wholeheartedly support you on your journey.

​Final Goal


・Member membership card

・Free mint priority for related projects

・Right to participate in physical events

・Access rights to the metaverse

・Discord limited room access rights

(Other useful PJ analysis information,Rumble, giveaway etc..) 

・NFT, SBT Air Dro

・Priority purchase right for MKD produced project

・Priority purchase right for other NFT projects

・Right to participate in regular Giveaway events etc...



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