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Our slogan is   "YOUR" space Journey

Our two missions are "to create value in play" and

"to realize ideas by accomplishing the impossible".
We, MKD, will eliminate the boundary between

the real world and the metaverse,

and create a world where excitement never stops.
We will bring free ideas to life one after another.


MKD's 1st collective NFT collection.

The theme of the design is a little boy

who symbolizes the heart of a child.

His head is actually a ghost.

It is free to leave his body and go wherever it wants to go.

It represents freedom from control, free thinking,

and not being bound by stereotypes, and is a symbol of MKD's Mind.

MetaKozo's body movement looks as if he has found something

he likes and is about to run.


We want everyone to be free and have their own identity, regardless of age, race, gender, or environment.

That is the philosopy behind MetaKozo.

There are many ideas being born in the world today.

But only a fraction of them are realized.

Why is that?

Mainly because they require money, time, and people.

MKD aims to be a playground like a "secret base" where people who share MKD's ideas gather, utilize their respective areas of expertise, and create value to realize their ideas one after another.

The essence of what we aim for is not "must" but "want".

We invite you to express yourself as you are.



2022 Q4

Official Homepage Launch

Official Discord Launch

1st MetaKozo NFT Launch

NFT Freemint


Road Map

2023 Q1

NEXT NFT Collection




Big Partners

Tools Development​

2023 Q2~



MetaKozo's dream is

"To travel to the moon, pee on it, and come back to earth again."

And MKD's ultimate goal is

"to make a toast with all the world's holders while watching the video.

The process of realizing a seemingly laughable goal

with all one's might brings about a wonderful value

that can only be found there.

MKD's policy is to remain free and not set serious goals.

We want you to enjoy "YOUR" Space Journey.

MKD wholeheartedly supports you along the way.

​Final Goal


・Membership card
・Priority for free minting of related PJs
・Participation in meetups
・Access to the Metaverse
・Access to exclusive Discord rooms (useful information on other PJs, rumbles, giveaways, etc.)
・Airdropping of NFTs
・Priority purchase of MKD-produced PJs
・Priority purchase of other NFT PJs
・Participation in regular giveaway events, etc....








Web 3.0 influencer with 14,000 followers on Twitter.He has been involved in the launch of numerous new businesses. He connects NFT with the real world through his ability to communicate and engage people, great ideas, and extensive network of contacts. His favorite saying is "Free your mind".




Graphic designer and illustrator for the NFT collection "BoxyHeads". Graduated from Tama Art University, majoring in graphic design. He is in charge of illustrations for a major cosmetics manufacturer. He has also won numerous awards for her work on advertisements for major consumer electronics manufacturers.




Engaged in consulting, development and PM of ERP packages in the accounting and EC industries. He has a wide range of experience in sales, marketing, and human resources, starting with the launch of a new business. He has been involved in many activities to bridge the gap between people, considering it as his mission to connect people.




Involved in various industries as a consultant and developer of packaged and SaaS products for large enterprises; participated in virtual currencies during the ICO boom of 2017; interested in technological developments such as DeFi and NFT; started web3 development such as Solidity in 2021.




In 2014, he made his major debut as a member of a male vocal group from avex. He won the Newcomer of the Year Award at the 56th Japan Record Awards. He is currently active in various fields such as a solo singer, top streamer, and influencer casting.





After working as a cameraman and video creator for Reppen Earth with 2.76 million channel subscribers, he launched Oretachino(Our) Sauna Co. His goal is to be the world's best "Heat Wave Master" and create a "Space Sauna". 41,701 Twitter followers. His favorite saying is, "Enjoy getting sidetracked".




Singer and music producer. Provided songs for the stage Sword Dance, Da-iCE, LDH, and the title song of the album "SiX" for the anime "The Rise of the Brave Rider of the Shield". He has also provided music for edo2022, ASAGI, and Metasamurai(1BG) in the NFT world.


IMG_9848 (1).JPG


Brothers Big

Graduated from the University of Tokyo with a B.A. in English. After working as a recruiter for a major IT company, he entered to Osaka University School of Medicine for his undergraduate degree and is currently working as the director of a beauty clinic in Kansai.He is active in the NFT community as Dr. NFT Brothers with his brother, and is also the English MOD of 1BLOCK (MetaSamurai).



Brothers Little​

While working as a gastroenterologist after graduating from Kyoto University School of Medicine, he was introduced to NFT by his brother who is also a doctor. Since then, he has participated in every NFT project in Japan and abroad, and is a genuine NFT enthusiast.





He is an entrepreneur who runs a construction company, café, condominiums, etc. He has a reputation for creating an environment for newcomers to the NFT community, and is active in this project as a community lead.




collector U

He entered the NFT market in May 2022 and has quickly become one of the leading NFT holders in the country with approximately 700 NFT holdings today.He is well versed in many of Japan's general NFTs and is highly trusted in the industry as a hub of information.He is also a medical student at a national university.




As a dealer, he analyzed and priced domestic securities and derivatives, as well as hedge trading.He holds an MBA with a specialization in Finance.He has studied decentralized finance and has authored a paper on SecurityToken, its institutional and practical feasibility in various countries.




He has been giving advice on setting up a Discord for moderators of projects and creators. He met Lucifel in a project where he was a mod and joined this project. He aims to be a moderator who thinks about the project and can be close to the community side.

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